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About Dr. Shapiro and his office...

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Philadelphia, Pa 19147

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Craig Shapiro, DC Chiropractor

I was introduced to chiropractic in 1991 while an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin. I  was having right lower back pain, spasms and headaches, particularly around exam time. Through chiropractic, I got the relief I was hoping for and was inspired. I went on to graduate from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, GA. I returned home to Philadelphia in 1998, and soon after, was lucky to meet a very beautiful and caring woman. We married in 2002 and have since been blessed with two wonderful children. 

When I am not caring for patients, I enjoy spending time with my family, working out, listening to music and watching sports, especially the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies and Flyers!

People with the following symptoms respond well to our treatments:

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Upper back pain
Mid back pain
Low back pain
Elbow pain
Knee pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome

We’re in these HMO/PPO Insurance Networks:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Personal Choice
Keystone Health Plan East

Also Accept:

Worker’s Comp
Cash/Checks/Credit Cards

Office Hours (by appointment):

Monday 1-7
Tuesday 1-7
Wednesday 10-1
Thursday 1-7
Friday 10-2

Here is some stuff I use...

My Hands

Skilled hands used to perform chiropractic adjustments to restore normal joint position and motion and to stimulate the spine/reset the brain/balance the body according to the Zone techniqueKaufman Pain Neutralization Technique to turn off painful muscular trigger pointsCranial Spinal Integration to release spinal tension and remove obstruction to the central nervous system and Dr. Shapiro's BodyPeace to relax your body and decrease the damaging effects of stress

Dry Hydrotherapy

A table that combines the healing benefits of floatation, heat and massage in a single system. You are fully clothed, comfortably supported and protected by a durable barrier while streams of heated water are directed to the treatment area. Hydromassage is used to relax your body, reduce muscle spasms and increase circulation. For more info www.sidmar.com 

Flexion/Distraction Table

A specially designed treatment table used for low back pain and radiating leg pain/numbness. A gentle procedure that tractions the spine and then flexes, passively stretching tight muscles, restoring joint movement and reducing disc protrusion to relieve pressure on the nerve. A very effective, conservative approach to low back and leg pain and an alternative to explore before surgery.


An instrument which gives small, gentle, mechanical impulses into the restricted joint to help break up the tension and restore normal joint movement. This will help reduce or eliminate your pain and increase your range of motion.


A massage instrument for those who suffer from musculoskeletal pain and myofascial syndrome. The clinical benefits are believed to increase the amount of blood and lymphatic circulation by its powerful action of vibration and percussion, decreasing muscle tension and spasm


Low-level laser therapy is the application of red and near infrared light over injuries or wounds to help control pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing of damaged tissue. Low-level therapy uses cold laser light which causes certain photochemical reactions to occur without injuring or damaging cells in any way. The therapy is precise and accurate; and offers safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

"You will feel good not because the world is right, but your world is right because you feel good." Wayne Dyer

Call to schedule an appointment: (215) 627-1610
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