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“Do You Suffer From HEADACHES?”

           If you suffer from headaches, you are not alone. The numbers of people that suffer from headaches every year are staggering. And a large percentage of these headaches are “tension-type” headaches. Or, another common type of headache, which is called “cervicogenic.” 

    This is important because a 2001 Duke University study showed that Chiropractic care helped both these types of headaches. Both in headache frequency and severity. And the study showed Chiropractic care worked better than many other treatments.

    I’m sure you are not surprised how much Chiropractic treatments can help back and neck pain.  Almost everyone knows that by now. But many still do not know the great results Chiropractors can get with the most common types of headaches.

    If you have (or frequently get) headaches, how do you know if Chiropractic care can help you?

    That’s simple.  Just give me a call and we can discuss your headaches and take steps to determine what type of headache you have.  If you have the type of headache I can most likely help – I’ll tell you and show you what can be done.  And if you have a type of headache I do not have good success with, I will tell you what your best option may be. 

So many headache sufferers have been helped by Chiropractic care.  It’s a shame when you have pain and it could be helped and you just don’t know it.

    If you’d like to see if I could help you like I have already helped so many others, just give me a call at 215-627-1610 and say you would like to see if I can help you with your headaches. And I will get you in ASAP if that’s what you want.

    And don’t forget – if you have any family member or friends that suffer with headaches – show them this.  I will do my best for you and all your loved ones!
“After years of having headaches almost everyday, I was referred to Dr. Shapiro. 8 treatments later my headaches are pretty much gone.” Jessica Wright

"Before going to Dr. Shapiro…I was having frequent headaches. Come to find out I was putting too much stress on my neck and back, causing these headaches. After the initial visit with Dr. Shapiro my headaches were gone.” Nicole Sessions

“My daughter suffered with migraine headaches for 21 years. They were completely relieved since the care she has experienced with Dr. Shapiro." Linda Curry

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