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"After years of having headaches almost everyday, I was referred to Dr. Shapiro. 8 treatments later my headaches are pretty much gone. I would suggest anyone in need of pain relief in the back/neck see Dr. Shapiro. He not only is a wonderful doctor who achieves great results, but he’s a great person too. Thank You.” -Jessica Wright

“I am a very busy aerobic instructor, sometimes teaching and taking as many as 8 classes a week. Dr. Shapiro’s care has enabled me to stay at the top of my field and to continue my rigorous training. Without chiropractic care I would not be able to work at the capacity I do.” -Joanne Renzi

"Before going to Dr. Shapiro, I couldn't figure out why I was having frequent headaches. Come to find out I was putting too much stress on my neck and back, causing these headaches. After the initial visit with Dr. Shapiro my headaches were gone.  Visiting Dr. Shapiro weekly really makes a difference. I am able to work out after my adjustment and still feel great the next day!" -Nicole Sessions

 "Dr. Shapiro is very soft, kind and caring for his patients to get better. I am doing a lot better since he work on me. I would recommend anybody with a problem to visit him." -Mary Salloum

“Dr. Shapiro ROCKS!  Not only is he a great chiropractor, but he's a great guy. He is very through and takes the time to really understand what your issues are BEFORE he starts cracking away at your bones. He is a constant learner, so he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to various pain relieving techniques; Eastern, Western and the like. I have really appreciated his advice and his treatment and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has visited chiropractors and run screaming from their offices.  Dr. Shapiro will have you totally at ease and will always make sure you are comfortable with whatever he is doing.  I have this crazy fear of neck cracking, so he always leaves my neck alone. Even if you don't have insurance, he'll work with you.  He's a fair and honest guy.  And he's a lot less "crack happy" than the other chiropractors I've visited.  He genuinely cares about making you feel better! Permanently!” -Becky Oot

"I have lived on three different continents during the course of my life. First in Italy (where my migraine headaches began in my early teens), then in Venezuela (where the migraines grew progressively worse) and finally in Philadelphia, PA (where working extremely long hours to support my family did a number on my back and nerves). I suffered terribly for over 45 years from headaches and sciatica nerve pain in my leg and it was only after meeting Dr. Shapiro by sheer coincidence (more like my prayers being answered!) that I was able to get serious pain relief to help me to live a more peaceful life and to be able to enjoy life without the overwhelming pain that causes many human beings to turn to strong painkillers.  In a few short sessions, Dr. Shapiro not only got rid of my migraines permanently, but also my leg pain. I tell everyone this human being is not a "chiropractor" at all.... I call Dr. Shapiro a "Miracle Doctor"!  I refer all my friends and acquaintances to him without hesitation. My entire family is greatly indebted to Dr. Craig Shapiro (both sons, both daughters, daughter-in-law) for his amazing and gentle healing practices. So many of our problems go untreated and undiscovered by most mainstream "doctors" and "chiropractors" but Dr. Shapiro knows that a lot of our human suffering pertains to the well-being of our spine, muscular and nervous system. I owe him so much and am eternally grateful." -Tina Fede 

"I am a 70-year-old woman who has a number of different conditions which contribute to pain - both chronic and at times acute. I have spinal stenosis, protruding discs caused by 2 auto accidents, severe arthritis, and a slight curvature of the spine. When I first came to see Craig my condition was acute. It was painful to sit which made it difficult to drive and for some reason almost impossible to sit at my computer. It affected so many areas of my life. The pain radiated from my low back all the way down my left leg into my toes. My leg was numb, and, at the same time felt like sharp pins and needles stabbing me. I had tried muscle relaxers, nerve medication and prescription pain drugs, but none of them helped. I went to a pain specialist and had various procedures including epidurals and nerve blocks. Some helped a little, but only for a short time, and then after a while not at all...after several treatments with Craig, I started to feel a difference, and then I realized I could sit more comfortably and then that the pins and needles were gone...over the years I've been treated by several different chiropractors and Craig is the best. I find him to be not only knowledgeable but very caring. He is always learning new modalities and he adjusts his treatment depending on my condition and need at the time. I highly recommend him...I share this with my sincere gratitude to Craig for who he is and the work he does." -Selma Proot

 "In the latter years of my life I now realize the importance of chiropractic care. Dr. Shapiro is skilled and knowledgeable in this field. I feel my best when I am consistent with my treatment from proper posture and diminished aches and pains that come with age, his care makes all the difference. Also, my daughter suffered with migraine headaches for 21 years. They were completely relieved since the care she has experienced with Dr. Shapiro." -Linda Curry

 "Before I started seeing Dr. Shapiro, I had constant back pain, despite being physically active and fit. Since I started seeing him, my back pain has disappeared. I would encourage anyone who has any back or neck pain to see him. I also had headaches a few times a week, and they are gone as well, since I started seeing Dr. Shapiro."  -Susanna Kramer

 "I was pregnant and had a lot of lower back pain when I first started to see Dr. Shapiro based upon a friend's recommendation. He helped me get through the rest of my pregnancy and allowed me to continue to work. The office is very relaxing and Dr. Shapiro has a very gentle touch and calming presence." -Huyen Tran

 "I have been coming to Dr. Shapiro for several years, including my last pregnancy. My back and neck no longer hurt and my whole body feels better. But coming to Dr. Shapiro is much more than just getting rid of pain. He is so interested in finding new and effective ways to treat patients and he is always looking for strategies and techniques that will make him a more versatile and knowledgeable doctor. Coming to Dr. Shapiro means making a commitment to your own wellness and he is the best guide for that path. In fact, I trust him so much that both of my children, now 4 and 2 have been coming to Dr. Shapiro for several years. Now, whenever I tell my son were going to the doctor, he says, "you mean Dr. Craig?" -Suzanne Simons

"Before coming to see Dr. Shapiro I was constantly getting headaches. After being treated for about 6 weeks I no longer have headaches and feel great! Thanks a million!" -Barry Carr

"With my job, I don't have time for pain. Dr. Shapiro gets me up and running quickly. A true professional - I highly recommend!" -Rich Fravel

"Dr. Shapiro helped to greatly reduce the amount of sharp pain in my lower back. His various techniques including manipulation, stim, etc., were very beneficial in getting me back on my feet and increasing my range of motion. His flexible hours fit my schedule and I highly recommend his services." -Michael LoGreco

"After having several injuries from playing college sports my body was in need of realignment. Dr. Shapiro did a wonderful job with helping me get back aligned and able to work out again. His techniques are great and gentle. I would highly recommend him." -Katie Smith

"After injuring my shoulder, I knew I needed to recover not only to work pain free but to live pain free. Dr. Shapiro gave me the care and guidance to get my shoulder pain free and helped me get back on track with my normal routine at work and in the gym." -Pat Lerro

"I began care...experiencing unusual feelings of nerves firing down both legs. After a few office visits I feel pretty normal, with no pain and I feel that my visits have been the reason why." -Carl Randolph

"I love Dr. Shapiro. He has helped me with not only my back but also my feet! yes, my feet. He uses one of his gadgets (he is affectionately known to me and my husband as Dr. Gadget) on my feet and he makes them feel all better. Dr. Shapiro is genuine human being who truly cares for his patients. If he hasn't seen you in a while, he will call to check up on you just to make sure that everything is all right. Dr. Shapiro is one of the good guys!" -Jodi Barilotti

"Being with Dr. Shapiro has been a wonderful experience for me. The aches and pains from my neck, shoulders, back and lower back are gone. It has been wonderful not hurting or aching all day. Dr. Shapiro has also worked on my posture, and that alone has made my body feel great. I choose to see Dr. Shapiro three times a week and I look forward to every visit with him. Dr. Shapiro is a wonderful chiropractor and he cares about his patients."-Sharon Burns

“My back was injured making an arrest and had developed constant head, neck and lower back pain which kept me on strong pain killers for 7 years. I began to treat with Dr. Shapiro and after a short time I started to feel much better. My pain subsided a little at a time and now I am mostly pain free. Dr. Shapiro not only is a good chiropractor, but a good guy as well. I heartily recommend him to all my friends.”  -Charles

 “After several other chiropractors I am very pleased w/ the care and time Dr. Shapiro takes with me and my many problems. He has helped me beyond words.” -Joanne Grieco

 “I was involved in a work related accident, Dr. Shapiro was very receptive listening to my problem. In 3 months he has helped me tremendously. He definitely goes the extra mile for his patients.” -J.C.

“Dr. Shapiro uses totally unique and gentle approach to healing. Very skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of chiropractic and also in naturalistic/holistic medicine. Have tried many other chiropractors and no one compares to Dr. Shapiro! GO TO HIM! HE ACTUALLY CARES!” -Herc Fede    

 “Dr. Shapiro got right to the problem and helped me right from the start.” -Kent Sunderland

"Dr. Shapiro has all this great equipment because he cares, he just wants to give his patients the best possible treatment." -Maureen Williams

"The interest you show in your patients, as well as, your expertise, really made quite an impression." -Lorraine Gardner

"Dr. Shapiro is the only one that can help me when my lower back acts up." -Michelle Paynter 

"I just want you to know that your kind words and healing touch has made a difference in my life. Thank you." -Corri Broner

 “I  felt a lot better since I started with chiropractic, within first couple weeks. Dr. Shapiro’s personality and treatment works together.” -Boulos Semaan

"I have been a patient of Dr. Shapiro, on and off again for several years. Dr. Shapiro is always at the forefront of his industry with technology and healing techniques. He has a very practical, yet efficient approach to healing and curing health related problems. Most important, Dr. Shapiro has always provided me with great care and positive results." -Craig Grossman

"I've sought chiropractic treatment for over 10 years, and I have never felt such relief so quickly. The innovative techniques used are wonderfully therapeutic and are a tremendous help, especially when seeking an alternative to invasive surgery to relieve my pain. Thanks!" -Julia Rugg

"Thank you so much for helping relieve the pain in my shoulder. Today I feel great. Thanks also for taking the time to listen." -Dolores Marino

"I never knew how much chiropractic care could help overall health...since beginning treatment with Dr. Shapiro, I have overcome chronic sinus headaches, recurring heartburn, and constant back tightness. He has  helped me achieve near-perfect posture and a whole new level of spinal alignment. I feel great and am performing better in the weight room than ever before." -Josh Castell

"Beginning of June I was hurting so bad, I could not even lay down, could not type the keyboard at work. Pain was severe down my arm and upper back. I had three weeks to get "healthy" to enjoy my vacation. Dr. Shapiro saved my vacation. I was able to scuba dive, snorkel, etc. Thanks doc for your help!" -James Descano

"Since I've been seeing Dr. Shapiro my pain has felt so much better. I can't express myself enough the relief i'm getting every time I get adjusted. Plus his caring attitude along with being flexible in seeing me on short notice. Dr. Shapiro God bless you. You are one of a kind in your field." -Joseph Merchiore, Jr.

"After 20 years of intense muscular spasm and pain in my upper back and years of doctors claiming they couldn't do anything for it or that it would just go away, I came to Dr. Shapiro. Passionate about his work, talented, insightful and intelligent, he worked to alleviate most of the pain in the first few weeks followed by consistent and lasting dissipation over the following few weeks. Today it is just about gone.  I'm grateful and lucky to have discovered him." -Steve Layne

"Dr. Shapiro is no joke when it comes to matters of the neck and spine. The man has magic in his fingers!" -Scott Brown

"I began treatment with Dr. Shapiro for chronic back pain. I have continued to meet with him because he has proved to be an exceptional practitioner. Dr. Shapiro has helped to decrease my pain and fatigue while improving my energy and overall sense of well being. I am extremely confident in Dr. Shapiro's intent, skills, and goals. He is at least the 5th chiropractor that I've met with in the past few years and he is hands down the best!" -Melissa Borrell, CMT, BSN, RN

"I have had chronic lower back pain for several years, and have been to a few different doctors, including a back specialist. I started coming to Dr. Shapiro...I have had about 3 sessions with him and the chronic pain in daily activities has dissipated." -Megin Mowry

"I am a resident of South Philly that has been doing manual labor most of my life. Heading in to my 30's I would regret waking up in the morning. My lower back, ankles and knees were a source of pain and annoyance for hours after waking up. I was always skeptic of chiropractic treatment until I came into the care of Dr. Shapiro. After just a few treatments I noticed a tremendous difference in my levels of pain and discomfort as well as as an improved ability to sleep and work. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Shapiro." -Paul Minton

 "When I was 16 I was in a serious car accident that left me with lifelong injuries to my back causing me almost constant pain. I have been to other chiropractors, seeing little to no real difference in my levels of pain. Dr. Shapiro opened my eyes to a new more holistic approach to treatment as well as traditional techniques resulting in an immense difference in my condition. I no longer live in constant pain and I am back to doing things I haven't been able to do in years..." -Nicolee Gromberg

"I came to Dr. Shapiro for help with my neck pain and right elbow pain/tendonitis. Not only have I had considerable improvement with those symptoms, but also I find the treatments very relaxing. Dr. Shapiro is also very knowledgeable in the alternative and holistic side of wellness. I have been into holistic health for over 10 years and have found him to be the best chiropractor regarding mind, body and spirit!" -Marco Daversa

"Part of a doctor's job is to explain your condition and treatment using words you can understand, Dr. Shapiro does that and listens carefully to your concerns." -Henry DeLeo

"Dr. Shapiro is genuinely a compassionate healer who always seeks methods to produce excellent results for his patients. I have been seeing Dr. Shapiro for 8 years and he is the only chiropractor who facilitates multi modalities that result in the highest benefit. I 1000% endorse his work." -Laila Wah, OMD

"No matter what my back pain is at the time, Dr. Shapiro always makes me feel better with his magic touch!!" -Karie Newman

" A few years ago I thought chiropractic was just a play for people to make money. However, I decided to give it a try because I was having lower back pains and headaches. Today, I seriously believe that chiropractic works and has alleviated many of my issues, especially my lower back pains, headache, constipation and hip flexor. Dr. Shapiro is not just a miracle worker with these issues but his positive attitude and calm nature has inspired me to be more positive and confident." -Marc Caserio

"Thank you for your caring manner. It is a breath of fresh air in the current healthcare environment." -Cislyn B.

"Dr. Shapiro takes chiropractic to a high dimension. His touch/adjustments become magical, always with positive results. He elicits the best of not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional bodies, creating a higher awareness of body, mind and spirit. He is more than a doctor, he is truly a genuine, caring healing man." -David Brown

"I can't thank you enough, you truly did go above and beyond the call of duty!" -Amy G.

"I have had two occasions to be treated by Dr. Shapiro. The first being disc impairment in my neck and the second being pain in my right forearm when lifting. Treatment by Dr. Shapiro alleviated both issues. During treatment Dr. Shapiro explained each step and readily answered all of my questions. Several years prior to seeing Dr. Shapiro I had a not so pleasant experience with another chiropractor and was hesitant about seeing Dr. Shapiro. After being treated by Dr. Shapiro I would certainly recommend his services to family and friends." -Bruce Kaplan

"As a professional dancer and yoga/pilates instructor...I injured my back and after months of pain and no ability to dance, practice yoga or tie my shoes w/o extreme pain/difficulty I began to see Dr. Shapiro.
His unobtrusive, gentle approach put me at ease and after only a few treatments, I'm finally seeing improvement after seeing none for more than 5 months. After listening to my fears and concerns, he designed an approach I felt safe and comfortable with utilizing alternative forms of healing, as well as, traditional chiropractic techniques He's great! I would (and have) recommend him to anyone!"  -Daniele Strawmyre

"Once I started getting adjusted my headaches disappeared." -Judy Shapiro

"Your treatments are refreshing." -Milton

"I was in constant pain, I couldn't pick things up, now my elbow feels so much  better." -Maureen Williams

"Hi Dr. Shapiro, I wanted to let you know that I am doing well. You helped me get ready for my trip and I wanted to thank you. I was able to swim the crawl stroke after a bit of practice accompanied with the confidence (you helped me with) to do so. If I have any problems, you will hear from me. I am glad to be a part of the good work that you do." Sincerely, Stefanie Paul

"I have suffered back pain - especially of the lower lumbar region - since I was eighteen years old. I’ve been to many doctor’s offices over the years, mostly for pain management; because the diagnosis was eventually raised to degenerative back disease, I felt there was not much more I could do besides medicate. The slightest and least of movements could cause my back to ‘go-out’. Simply bending over to pick up a sock might result with three or more days in bed (often crawling on my hands and knees just performing daily tasks).   Five years ago I started working out at the local gym. Along with my workout I learned certain exercises to strengthen my back. Yet, the back pain would still occur sporadically, I knew I needed more help.   My name is Mark Wiles and I wish to state: I have been in the Chiropractic care of Dr. Craig Shapiro since, June 30, 2010, and in that time my back pain is controlled. Dr. Shapiro has, no pun intended, a hands-on the pulse of the patient approach. At the beginning of each session, Dr. Shapiro will inquire if anything is the same or new concerning my back. The truth is, I worked in warehousing for years, pounding concrete floors in my army boots. It took a toll. At 52, I still like to get into The middle of rough situations which tests the meddle of my back. Dr. Shapiro always seems to know the push and shove of my situational spine.   It’s been a good year and a half for my back…but my boots? Forget it!" -MARK WILES

"Dr. Shapiro rocks. I started seeing Dr. Shapiro a few months ago, and he has turned my body around and started unlocking the imbalance that was there. He seems to soak in all that’s going on with your body and find ways to create balance. I have seen chiropractors and others who work with bodies for decades- his approach is rare in that I always feel he is seeing you - and “listening your body” and to your words at least two ways: who/what/where your body is at that moment and what history is present in your body. Consequently, each session moves you forward toward a better balanced, more productively moving body. He’s great."   -Peter DiMuro

"When I first came in, I had a severe case of bursitis in my right hip and was struggling to do any exercise at all because the pain was so horrible. Dr. Shapiro was able to determine the real reason for my pain and in less than a year, I completed the Insanity workout. He took the time to solve the problem when my orthopedic kept trying to shoot me up with cortisone. One of the best decisions I have made was to come to Dr. Shapiro!" -Lindsey Fletcher

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