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Chiropractic Christmas
11Benefits of Being Positive
Have you been in an auto accident?
20 Rules for a Joyous Life
Desktop Ergonomic Evaluation
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Chiropractic Christmas

Chiropractic Christmas 2013

T’was the day before Christmas,
but there was no cheer.
No jingle bells jingled, no sound of reindeer.
The word had got out that Santa was sick.
There’d be no friendly visit from jolly St. Nick.

The people were sad; no gaiety sounded.
For Christmas had come,
but Santa was grounded.
He walked down the street,
but what should he see
On a small sign was printed, Craig Shapiro, DC

Now Santa was not one to like a new tactic,
But all else had failed, so he’d try Chiropractic.

He entered the office and saw at a glance

11Benefits of Being Positive

Over the years I've done a lot of research on the positive effects of being positive and the negative affects of being negative. The research is clear. It really does pay to be positive and the benefits include enhanced health and longevity, happiness, career advancement, athletic performance, team building and financial success. Being positive is not just a nice way to live. It’s the way to live. In this spirit here are 11 benefits of being positive. 

Have you been in an auto accident?

If you've been involved in an accident, seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic to ensure proper healing is essential...

Whiplash injury to the neck, or cervical sprain/strain, is by far the most common injury that results from a car accident.

Sprains and strains are referred to as soft tissue injuries (soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments). Chiropractors are specialists in treating these kinds of injuries.

Soft tissue injuries, for the most part are invisible on x-rays and often

20 Rules for a Joyous Life

20 Rules for a Joyous Life 

Few of us escape feelings of fear and self-doubt as we go about our lives. But the good news is that we can learn how to create within us a wonderful sense of confidence and peace of mind as we face all situations in our lives. Here are 20 rules to help us handle the challenges, accomplish what we want and create a beautiful and satisfying life.

1. With eyes of gratitude, notice all the beauty around you. 

2. Smile as you recognize the many blessings in your life.

Desktop Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomics literally means the study of work. In the modern work environment, we can employ ergonomic evaluation to help design workspace and work process to minimize the possibility of  workers getting injured. If you perform any manual task that is repeated many times per day, ergonomic evaluation may help make your job easier and safer. For workers who use a computer more than 1 hour per day, proper configuration of your desk, chair, and computer is essential to avoid a repetitive strain injury.

Nutritional Powerhouses

There are certain antioxidant-packed "power foods" that boost, protect, and prime us for a longer, healthier life, both externally and internally. 

Here are the top 8 foods withpowerful anti-aging propertiesthat are built to better our health and appearance while alsoencouraging longevity

They should be added to your arsenal of daily health-promoting tools in order to keep you looking and feeling great no matter how many years you've got under your belt. 

Leafy greens and cruciferous veggies

7 Simple Steps to Better Health

1)Think Positive 

To be healthy…think healthy.  Your mind gives you control to think anything you want.  If you want to be healthy, think healthy thoughts.  “I feel great today!”  

2)Drink Water  

Drink more water!  This is the most important and easiest step you can do to improve your overall health.  One medical doctor wrote a book consisting of 180 pages on the benefits of water…180 pages!  Since your body is about 70% water, you need to constantly replenish your cells, tissues, and organs with more water.

Sugar, BAD!

Here are ten reasons to avoid refined (white) sugar:

1. Sugar contributes to tooth decay because it decreases the effectiveness of a particular type of white blood cell that “eats”  harmful bacteria.

2. Sugar causes the body to release more adrenalin, which may explain hyperactivity in young children.

3. Calcium loss in urine occurs when a person consumes a soft drink containing sugar.

4. Ingesting sugar makes the pancreas work harder to produce insulin. Diabetes results when the overworked pancreas can no longer eliminate sugar from the blood stream.

43 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life

1.       Turn off your cell phone.
2.       Process email only twice a day. 
3.       Go to bed early. 
4.       Get rid of (or at least reduce) commitments that you do out of obligation. 
5.       Create a weekly meal plan.  
6.       Automate your finances. 
7.       Purge as much unneeded clutter as possible.

What’s the best treatment for neck pain?

Seeing a chiropractor or engaging in light exercise relieves neck pain more effectively than relying on pain medication, new research shows.

The new study is one of the few head-to-head comparisons of various treatments for neck pain, a problem that affects three quarters of Americans at some point in their lives but has no proven, first-line treatment. While many people seek out spinal manipulation by chiropractors, the evidence supporting its usefulness has been limited at best.

But the new research, 
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