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20 Tips for a Positive New Year

20 Tips for a Positive New Year(Updated for 2012) 

1. Stay Positive. You can listen to the cynics and doubters and believe that success is impossible or you can trust that with faith and an optimistic attitudeall things are possible

2. Take a morning walk of gratitude. I call it a "Thank You Walk." It will create a fertile mind ready for success.
3. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card. 

4. Zoom Focus.

Chiropractic Care Contributes to Optimal Performance of Baseball World Series Champions 2011 St. Louis Cardinals and 2010 San Francisco Giants

CARMICHAEL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As the St. Louis Cardinals celebrate their 11 World Series title and the San Francisco Giants relive their 2010 championship, theFoundation for Chiropractic Progresspoints to the role of chiropractic care in promoting faster recoveries, reduced risk of injury and enhanced on-field performance. Chiropractic team doctors Ralph Filson, D.C. of the Cardinals, and Michael Gazdar, D.C. of the San Francisco Giants, explain that regular chiropractic care provides baseball players with proper spinal function and balance to reduce the risk of spine-related injuries, enhance recovery time and improve overall performance.

Are You Becoming a Boiled Frog

This article is written by my friend, Dr. Kevin Donka:   

There is a famous experiment that was performed over and over again in Jr. High schools up until the mid 1970's. In fact, many people in our practice may have participated in it themselves! It was called "The Boiled Frog" experiment.   This is how the experiment went. First, a frog was dropped into a pot of boiling water. This was such a drastic change in temperature for the frog that he jumped out immediately.   Then, the same frog was placed into a pot of slightly warm water. Next, a burner was turned on under the pot. In this part of the experiment, the frog stayed put. Even as the temperature of the water got hotter and hotter, he didn't move. The rising temperature didn't seem to bother it in the least.   As the water temperature approached the boiling point, the frog seemed to sense that something was wrong, but it still didn't move. Finally, as the water boiled, the frog died.   I know this is an incredibly cruel thing to do to a frog, and that's probably why they don't do that experiment in schools anymore. Still, there is a very interesting and valuable lesson we can take away from it.   You see, being cold blooded, the frog's body compensated for the rising temperature of the water. But, these changes happened slowly enough that the frog was virtually unaware that they were even occurring. When it finally got to the point where the frog's body was trying to warn it that something was wrong, it was too late for it to act, and it died.   So you're saying, How does this relate to me? After all, the title of this article is Are You Becoming a Boiled Frog?   Well, we are all exposed to destructive forces in the form of physical, chemical and emotional stresses every day. If these stresses are beyond our ability to adapt, they overwhelm our nerve systems. Since our nerve systems control every function in our bodies, we end up with dysfunction to some degree in many different areas. As the dysfunction continues, destructive changes occur in these same cells, tissues and organs slowly over time. They occur so slowly, in fact, that we might not notice that they are even occurring!   In other words, we are just like boiling frogs!   The good news is that we all have within us an innate wisdom or "Intelligence" that can help us adapt to all the stresses we encounter. But, it does much more than that! It also helps us heal any damage that has been occurring over time. And, best of all, when this Life Force is allowed to flow freely between your brain and all the cells of your body, you will have the opportunity to continue to grow and unfold into whatever you were ultimately meant to be in your life!   The key here is that you must have a fully functioning spine that allows a clear neurological connection between your brain and all the parts of your body in order for that Intelligence to flow.   Make sure you and your family is getting checked by your chiropractor on a regular basis, and you can be sure that nobody in your family is becoming a boiled frog!

"What position do you sleep in?"

While your pillow and mattress are important, in order to get the rest you need and minimize pain and discomfort, it is the position you sleep in that is the most important. One of the first questions I ask a new patient is, “What position do you sleep in?” Many say, “I don’t know.” Or, “All over the place.” I understand your body can assume some strange positions when you are asleep. I also understand for many it may be hard to change the way you sleep, but it can be done. If you toss and turn, wake up with neck or back discomfort or get frequent headaches (very common in “stomach sleepers”), I encourage you to evaluate your sleep position and modify, if necessary.
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